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5 Spring Street

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Julius Converse Office 

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Stafford Historical Society Museum


Address: 5 Spring Street, Stafford Springs

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The Stafford Historical Society Museum was built by Julius Converse in 1887-1889 as the office of the Mineral Springs Manufacturing Company Mill, which stood across the river, and the facility to bottle the Mineral Springs water.  In 1896, the building was purchased by Mrs. Julia Johnson who deeded it to the Stafford Library Association for use as the town library.   In 2001, the library moved to a new building on Levinthal Run, and the building was leased to the Stafford Historical Society for use as a museum to preserve and promote Stafford history.


The Mineral Spring, which stands next to the museum, was known by the native Nipmuck tribe for its energizing and healing qualities before the town was settled in 1719.  By the mid-1700s, word of the springs’ curative properties began to circulate and visitors traveled to Stafford to drink of, and bathe in, the waters.  In 1802, Dr. Samuel Willard built the first hotel dedicated to visitors of the spa, the Springs House.  Popularity of the springs increased but eventually were eclipsed by spas like Saratoga Springs which also offered society events, gambling, horse-racing, and myriads of events.  The Stafford Springs House burned in 1959. 


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The foundation of Julius Converse’s new office building was laid.


Julia Johnson, wife of mill-owner Cyril Johnson, purchased the building from the estate of Julius Converse and donated the building to the Stafford Library Association for use as the Town Library.


The building was finished by P. B. Johnson, builder, at a cost of $12,000.


The bottling works were sold and named the Stafford Springs Bottling Company.

March 1889

C. P. Bradway turbine was set up in the basement of Julius Converse’s new building to charge and bottle water from the Mineral Springs.


Stained glass windows were placed over the front door and in the main office of the library in memory of Arba G. Hyde who left a large part of his estate to the library, and of his sister, Annette Hyde Colton.


Julius Converse died.


A new library was built on Levinthal Run by the Stafford High School and the town library was moved.  The building on Spring Street was leased to the Stafford Historical Society for use as a museum.

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Stafford Historical Society and Mineral Springs.Photo.D.2022.png