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  Historic Name or Use   

Central Vermont Railway Passenger Station

  Current Name or Use   

Stafford Police Department


Address: 2 Main Street, Stafford Springs

 About This Site  

This structure was built in 1893 by the Central Vermont Railway for use as a modern, updated passenger station.  It served this purpose for over fifty years, until passenger service was discontinued in 1946.  It was subsequently used, for the next twenty-five years, as the site of several very successful local businesses.  In 1972, the building was purchased by the Town of Stafford.  It was entirely renovated, to be shared by two local organizations, the Golden Age Club and the Stafford Historical Society.  In 2002, the structure was once again renovated for use as the Town of Stafford Police Department.

Central Vermont Railway Passenger Station.Photo.F.2022.png
Central Vermont Railway Passenger Station.Photo.E.2022.png
Central Vermont Railway Passenger Station.Photo.D.2022.png
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