In partner with the Economic Development Commission, the Town of Stafford is launching a ‘Shop Stafford’ campaign to spotlight and elevate awareness of our local businesses this holiday season (and beyond). To help encourage patronage of shops, restaurants, and entrepreneurs, the campaign will promote local businesses, their offerings, contact details and more. The ‘Shop Stafford’ holiday campaign includes:

​Shop Stafford Guide

Map and local listing of retailers, restaurants, businesses and/or Stafford-based makers. Directory will include business name, short shop/product/service description, contact information, etc. The "merchant map" and directory will be featured via social media, websites and with print copies for in-shop customer distribution. 

The online directory and ‘Shop Stafford’ materials are currently being built. Whether you have a store front, farm or are a creator of Stafford-made products, ALL local business sectors are encouraged to participate. The directory will serve as a long-lasting tool for residents and visitors to learn about Stafford-based resources. CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR BUSINESS

‘Shop Stafford’ Holiday Promo Advertisement

Video compilation highlighting snippets of “shop small” retailers, restaurants, and/or service businesses in Stafford. Will be promoted via social media and town-related web pages. Want to be included? Filming is taking place November 10 & 11. To participate and schedule an on-site visit to your business, please email: amberw@staffordct.org

Social Media Campaign

Promote “Shop Stafford” through social media, publishing and sharing Stafford-made products, shops, restaurants, services, etc.

Design, Print & Distribute “Shop Stafford” posters. 

Please email amberw@staffordct.org if you would like promotional posters for your place of business. 

For further details or have ideas to promote local business

please email amberw@staffordct.org or call (860) 331-0243.