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The Town of Stafford is focused on projects that encourage new business, residents and economic development. We strive to make town a better place to work, live and conduct business. Our priority is to create a supportive climate for entrepreneurs, small businesses and new industries. For more information concerning starting, relocating or growing  a business in Stafford, please contact us at (860) 684-1777 or via email at


  • Stafford in a way that:

  • Preserves the attractiveness of the community.

  • Enhances Stafford’s Quality of Life.

  • Promotes the growth of employment.

  • Promotes the growth of the tax base in order to provide improved public services.



  • Support and encourage the strengths of Stafford’s Village centers.

  • Support and encourage businesses that promote Stafford as a “destination town.”

  • Support and encourage the continued growth of home based business.

  • Maintain standards of commercial development of businesses along the major arterial roads in the Town.

  • Support and encourage the establishment of aesthetic standard within the zoning regulation in business area, including color themes, energy conservation efforts such as the use of LED lighting, signage (size and dimensions standards) in business areas, with standards adjusted to area and zone.

  • Support the expansion of industry at Middle River Drive Industrial Park and encourage the Town to market recently rezoned property along Monson Road.

  • Identification and promotion of “gateway zones” for business /industry.

  • Prohibit or restrict inappropriate uses in town such as those which create environmental pollution or create potential social problems in the Town.

  • Establish a series of procedures which enable the Economic Development Commission to take a more active role in the business development.

  • Enhance Main Street by continued beautification efforts, renovations, historic themed decor and the provision of off-street parking.

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