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Stafford sports & recreation


To provide recreation and leisure opportunities for Stafford residents of all ages. To address the needs of the community in social and cultural activities; to promote active and passive recreation as an essential, healthy aspect of everyday and community life; and to promote individual, community, economic and environmental benefits of an active recreation program.


Stafford has many organized sport programs for our younger residents: 

The Stafford Recreation Commission and leadership of youth sports programs are seeking to enhance the activities available to the youth in town. Public input is very important to ascertain the community’s recreation needs and satisfaction with services offered. There are more choices than ever for our kids to experience the benefits of recreation programs in Town and we want to maximize the opportunity for EVERY kid to participate.  How can we better our existing programs (football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, lacrosse)? What would you like to see in other programs? 


We have developed a short survey designed to evaluate your experience with Stafford recreation sports programs and garner feedback to better serve your family. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional leagues and programs and your input is vital to our success. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at the field or in the gym again soon!

Town of Stafford Recreation Survey
Which recreational activities do youth members of your household participate in today (choose all that apply)?
What obstacles do you see that keep youth members of your household from participating in Stafford-based sport programs (choose all that apply)?
How may people currenty live in your houehold?
Please indicate members of your household that fall into the following age categories:

Thank you for your feeback!


Barron Utter 
Thomas F. Topping, Jr
Rebecca Murphy

H. Blake Hatch

Kevin D. Roy

Todd Levesque

Richard Deary

William Utermarck


David G. Bachiochi

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